Pigeon Mountain
Wildlife Management Area

Mountain Biking and Horse Trails
North Eastern Georgia

DISCLAIMER: Make calls or visit the WEB for the latest information on Pigeon Mountain mountain biking. I have not been there to ride in several years and therefore do not know what has changed. When I have ridden there it was a marvelous and challenging place to ride.

This is an area with many miles of trails and closed roads which offer excellent Mountain Biking Opportunities. There is only one bicycle specific trail, but the miles of horse trails can also be ridden and are excellent. Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA consists of 15,527 acres crossed by few roads and many trails. This place also is remote and gets no coverage on the WEB. I have a friend who rides horses here often and says the place covered up with mountain bikes some of the time. Another who went to ride on a day they were having a bike race and said there lots of people there. It may be a local secret. The secret is out. Put this place on your list for spring riding.

Map of Pigeon Mountain: I scanned the map of the area, but it was not a very distinct map. The trails were weird orange dotted lines which are difficult to distinguish from each other on the map. You can hardly tell which trail you are looking at. Sure beats nothing and when you get there, the blaze colors on the trails are what you need to know. Next year I hope to have good trail descriptions for this area. I have not ridden here enough to really know my way around yet.

SPECIAL REGULATIONS: Horse and bicycle trails and areas are closed all day during firearms seasons and before 10:00 a.m. during archery and turkey season. Check out the days before you plan a trip during the fall and winter. more information is available on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources WEB page.

INFORMATION: Armuchee Ranger District, P.O. Box 465, 806 E Villanow St., Lafayette, GA 30728. Phone number: (706) 638-1085

DIRECTIONS FROM LAFAYETTE: Take GA Hwy. 193 west 2.5 miles to Chamberlain Road; turn left and go 3 miles to Rocky Lane Road; turn right and go 0.5 mile to checking station. If the checking station is open you may obtain the latest map there. If you want to ride don't turn on Chamberlain Rd, keep going on 193 west about 3 more miles (not exactly sure). You will come to a camping area at Estelle. If you start down the East side of the mountain, you have gone past it. This is the Northern access point to the area. There is a large grassy field, good places to park and access to the trails.

DIRECTIONS FROM Menlo, GA or Mentone, AL: This the best access from Alabama to the bike trail as it is on the west side of the area. Georgia Hwy. 48 goes from Menlo to Mentone. Take 48 East from Menlo toward Mentone for 2 + or - mi. to GA 157 North (this is 7.5 miles West from Mentone). Travel 8 mi. to Dougherty Gap Rd. turn right. Go 0.4 mi. to Rocky Lane this is one of the access roads to a camping area. It is about 7 mi. out a dirt road to the camping area which is a good place to park and start riding. This road is an improved dirt road, but can be very dusty or muddy. A better place to park and ride is to drive on past by Rocky Lane and don't take it. Instead go straight on through Daugherty Gap and up the valley on Hogjowl Rd. This is a paved road. Travel 11.2 miles to a church on the right. Turn beside the church and go 0.9 miles to a parking area. This road turns to dirt just before the parking area and goes through a small stream. This is the trail head for the Bicycle trail which ties into all of the other trails. As you can see you need a map to find this place.

MORE INFORMATION: You can find more information on locating and riding in the following publications: